Cool Down Drills (5-10 minutes) Please don't overlook this segment!

A proper cool-down is an essential part of a post-match routine and can aid a player's physical recovery and preparation for the next practice or match. There are several benefits that come with performing cool-down exercises following practice or a match.

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They slow the body's systems down, in a controlled manner, from  the high performance levels demanded during a tennis   match/practice to normal levels found at rest.
They help "flush out" metabolic waste products that can impair  muscle function and performance if they are not removed from the body.
They are also used to maintain the flexibility or range of motion of  various components of the musculoskeletal system.

Performing a light to moderate intensity exercise, preferably non-weight bearing, will help the body to cool down and rid itself of metabolic waste products. The amount of time a player should spend cooling down is dependent on th individual and the intensity of the exercise. Static stretching, while not appropriate before tennis play, is beneficial when performed after play and helps to maintain or improve joint range of motion. In general, static stretching techniques are slow and sustained (15-30 seconds in duration), are performed in a pain-free range and repeated 2-3 times per muscle group. Players should also take some time after competition to get food and fluids into the body to facilitate the recovery process.

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